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    Cash-for-gold ATM opens in Florida

    by Ruptly

    0 views - 2 Month ago

    Forget pawn shops, the world’s first fully-automatic cash-for-gold ATM is up and running in Florida. Precious items are first

    Is your Valentine’s about to get a lot cheaper? Chinese

    by Ruptly

    0 views - 2 Month ago

    A research team in the Chinese city of Dalian have managed to turn copper into a material that’s similar to gold or silver, via

    Precious haul of Roman gold coins discovered in old theatre

    by Ruptly

    22 views - 6 Month ago

    Around 300 ancient Roman coins were presented to the public by Italian Minister of Culture Alberto Bonisoli in Milan, after their discovery

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    Sweets covered in 24-carat gold a rich taste at $150

    by Ruptly

    33 views - 6 Month ago

    A shop in Surat of India’s western state of Gujarat is selling 24-carat gold sweets. According to the shop owner, they have many

    High time? Giant gold-wrapped joint the most expensive in

    by Ruptly

    0 views - 9 Month ago

    Los Angeles-based luxury cannabis brand Stone Road Farms unveiled the most expensive joint ever rolled, priced at $24,000.

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