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Tune.pk is a popular video-sharing platform, whose popularity prevails not only in Pakistan but globally as well. We are serving video content to million of users on a daily basis.

Take a look into our journey of sheer hard work and dedication to what we are today.

  • 2007
    15 Sep


    The idea was to create a website that would emerge as a complete platform to promote music and Pakistani bands

  • 01 Oct

    First Launch

    Tune.pk was launched for the first time using 3rd party softwares. However, after a total of 4 days, the site was taken down by the hosting provider, as the script was not authorized.

  • 27 Nov

    ClipBucket was born

    As a consequence of Tune.pk’s initial take down, ClipBucket was formed in a sweeping 30 Days. The goal was to have a script that would be owned by us and would help in bringing Tune.pk back into business.

  • 2008
    17 Jun

    Tune.pk launched 2008

    In 2008, the site was launched again. But it could not take off successfully because of inexperience and dilettantism. Later on inconsistent traffic, unavailability of technical resource and lack of investment became the root cause of delay in website launch on a bigger level

  • 2012
    15 Sep

    Tune.pk Returns

    And finally in 2012, TPK was ready to be brought to the forefront. After overcoming all the hurdles, the team was ready to give their best of everything to take TPK to the heights of success.

  • 05 Nov

    VDN & iOS App

    Idea was conceived for video delivery network. And iOS application for TPK was launched

  • 2013
    18 Jan

    First traffic Milestone 100K per day

    After continuous efforts and hardwork, we started getting a traffic of 100,000 visitors a day

  • 09 Feb

    VDN network launch

    Our very own video delivery network was created

  • 27 Mar

    Started offering pre-rolls

    During this period we achieved an enormous milestone by starting to offer pre-roll ads for the first time in Pakistan, something that was not being done on a local level beforehand.

  • 21 Jun

    Android application launch

    We introduced cross browser compatibility on TPK and launched our Android Application

  • 11 Sep

    Video Encoding

    Our video encoding was re-engineered

  • 17 Sep

    TPK 2nd anniversary

    Tune.pk celebrated its second anniversary in great style!

  • 14 Oct

    New interface and playlist feature launch

    Our new interface was launched and the playlist feature was introduced with it

  • 26 Dec

    1 Million User Traffic

    TPK started getting a traffic of 1 million users per day

  • 2014
    13 Jan

    Global Video Platform

    Initiated the restructuring of TPK so that it can serve as a global video platform

  • 23 Mar

    Initiation of Tune-Lytics

    Initiated work on proprietor stats server ‘Tune-Lytics’

  • 02 May

    Windows application launch

    Tune.pk’s mobile application was launched for the Windows phone

  • 20 Jun

    Ad server launch

    Ad server was launched

  • 10 Jul

    Pre-filtering and Moderation

    Pre-filtering and Moderation technology was introduced

  • 14 Aug

    Statistics server went live “TuneStats”

    Our statistics server went live, TuneStats.

  • 23 Sep

    HTML 5 player launch

    HTML 5 player was launched

  • 14 Oct

    Aplication of video caching

    Caching was successfully applied at TW in pakistan and a highly optimised version of TPK was launched

  • 2015
    14 Jan

    Revenue sharing program idea

    Updates and fixes were introduced. The idea for our revenue sharing program was conceived

  • 19 Feb

    VAST + VPAID compliant Player

    Our player was made VAST + VPAID compliant. Other than that a BTL Activity celebrating Valentine’s Day was conducted

  • 23 Mar

    Sizmek platform

    TPK was made cross compatible with HTML 5 technology. And the site got approved on the Sizmek platform

  • 28 Apr

    Minor Tweaks

    Minor tweaks were done on TPK to make the performance of the site better

  • 10 May

    Live Streaming Services

    TPK started offering live streaming services to its clients. Apart from that BTL activity was conducted to celebrate Mothers Day

  • 08 Jun

    Got featured in TechinAsia

    An article mentioning the accomplishments of Tune.pk was featured in TechAsia, which was a major breakthrough for the team in itself

  • 13 Jul

    Promoted video system

    Promoted videos system was added

  • 14 Aug

    Pakistan timeline’15 launch

    Launch of Pakistan timeline on independance day 2015

  • 27 Aug

    Quicklist was added

    Quicklist was added to Tune.pk. A feature that enabled users to quickly add their favourite videos!

  • 12 Sep

    60 + streaming engines

    60+ hosted streaming machines were added to the system. Team expansions began and TPK completed its 3rd anniversary

  • 19 Sep

    New Signup Page

    New signup page was introduced

  • 04 Oct

    White hat system

    Hacker/Issue reporting and a white-hat system was introduced

  • 14 Oct

    New website design launch

    An activation was done at BNU to promote PCFF and create brand awareness about TPK. Our new website design and features went live

  • 24 Nov

    17+ Ad networks Joined tune nerves

    17+ Ad networks were added to our list of advertisers

  • 27 Dec

    Tribute to the Martyrs of APS Peshawar attack

    Tune.pk served as the official content partner for Pocket Cinema Film Festival. In addition to that, the team created a page to pay tribute to the Martyrs of APS Peshawar attack.

  • 2016
    15 Feb

    Digital Media Partnership with Bestival

    Tune.pk joins hands with the team of Bestival 2016 as official digital media partners

  • 19 Feb

    Tune Trailers

    A dedicated page with latest trailers was launched to keep all the movie lovers updated about what is yet to come

  • 11 Mar

    Digital Media Partnership with Fast for Softec ’16

    Digital media partnership with FAST Lahore for biggest IT event in the city, Softec.

  • 14 Aug

    Tribute to Edhi

    The team of Tune.pk paid tribute to the greatest philanthropist of all times, Edhi by documenting his life history

  • 17 Sep

    Tune turned 4

    Tune.pk completed 4 years of operation. The day was celebrated by the team with complete zeal and zest!

  • 04 Oct

    Digital Media Partnership with Pakwheels

    Pakwheels joined hands with Tune.pk as Digital Media Partner. Both would towards content development and promotion together

  • 06 Oct

    Launch of Tune Player - V4

    The latest player for Tune.pk was launched with major improvements

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